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MU members came together in Leeds for two days of keynotes, panels and breakout sessions exploring the big challenges facing musicians and how union members can solve them collectively.

Inspirational keynote speakers Mayor of West Yorkshire Tracy Brabin, Chair of the MU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Linton Stephens, and Grammy nominated artist and singer Kelli-Leigh discussed their experiences and what change they want to see in the music industry.

More speeches came from MU Executive Committee Chair Alex Gascoine, who highlighted the EC’s complete commitment to EDI work, and General Secretary Naomi Pohl, who shared her experiences juggling work and childcare.

Over ten breakout sessions, members looked at many issues, including:

  • How do we address the lack of protection and provision for parents and carers in the music industry?
  • What support do older musicians need from the industry to sustain their careers and health?
  • What do musicians want to see in an anti racist code of conduct for the music industry?
  • How do we make the case for universal basic income for musicians?
  • What can the MU to do better support members going through menopause?
  • How do we ensure access to music education and a career in the music industry for working class musicians?

Solutions discussed by members at the conference are already feeding directly into MU policy and actions.

Experience the Members' Conference - watch the recording

Catch up with all the action – speeches, panels and what members would like the union to do – in the full Members’ Conference film.

Looking for something specific? Here’s a list of key moments

  • 0:50 – Opening speech by MU Executive Committee Chair Alex Gascoine
  • 4:15 – Welcome to Conference with MU General Secretary Naomi Pohl
  • 14:05 – Keynote speaker Mayor of West Yorkshire Tracy Brabin
  • 26:55 – Panel session on mental health and the music industry
  • 1:21:45 - What the union is working on with MU Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion John Shortell
  • 1:28:35 – Why we’re here with Chair of the MU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Linton Stephens
  • 1:39:30 – Keynote speaker Grammy nominated artist and singer Kelli-Leigh
  • 1:59:55 – Panel session on creating an inclusive music industry

Stories from the Members' Conference

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Heck of a line up that @WeAreTheMU - EDI panel underway at #MUConference

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Come with me to the @wearethemu Equity, Diversity & Inclusion members conference 🤩

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Great to be at the ⁦@WeAreTheMU⁩ Members’ Conference in Leeds on the theme of #Equalities #Diversity and #Inclusion #WeAreTheMU #MUConference

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So much to think about from my first #MUConference today. I know it was about EDI, but it’s the first event I’ve been to in years that has actually produced the info in my preferred format (& I work a lot in the disability sector!) Everyone was really welcoming too. Thank you.

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