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Education Section

The MU’s Education Section is one the MU's largest industry sections and offers specialist and proactive representation for musicians who teach.

Last updated: 25 March 2022

Music Education section is the MU's second biggest industry section with over 7,800 members. 

Any MU member who works in music education – whether in schools, as a private teacher or in any other capacity – is invited to join the Education Section. Members who are part of the Education Section receive dedicated news and updates.

Join the Education Section

The Education Section is managed by the MU's education team, whose officers work to advance the status and recognition of musicians who teach. The team also lobbies the four UK Governments on music education policy, and is responsible for developing the MU's guidance, training and resources for teachers.

Education Section Committee

MU's Education Section Committee helps shape the MU's aims and initiatives in music education. Members who are part of Education Section are eligible to stand for the MU's Education Section Committee.

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