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Live Performance Section

This section is for musicians working in all areas of live performance, such as gigs in pubs, clubs, festivals, busking, hotels, colleges, holiday camps, cruise ships and concert halls. 

Last updated: 25 March 2022

Live music events represent an increasingly important element of most musicians’ income as it is an ongoing struggle for musicians to make a fair living from publishing and rights alone, so the work of the Section is vitally important.  

The Section is headed up by Dave Webster and Kelly Wood who are liaising with the Section Committee and feeding back its key findings to the EC, as well as being on hand for the 9,000 strong Section membership who perform live.

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Live Performance Section Committee 

The Live Performance Section Committee is discussing a range of topics concerning musicians in live industry, such as international touring issues, festivals, emerging artists, working with featured artists, working in small venues, local government planning policy, street busking, vehicle parking in city centres, and sexual harassment in the live performance sector.  

Our Committee is keen to press for equal opportunities and high standards of employment for everyone. 

If you are a MU member who is working as live performer and are willing to help us affect change for good, get in touch.

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Live news and features

A woman is busking with a guitar and microphone on a busy London street, with a phone set up to take contactless payments

A Guide to Card Readers

Whether you’re busking or selling merch after a gig, the card reader is now a vital tool in the modern musician’s kit. Neil Crossley asks various artists for tips on how to choose and use these devices, so they keep you busy earning.

Published: 06 July 2022

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