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Music Industry Sections

The MU has industrial music sections, which act as focus groups for musicians working in different areas of the music industry. Members can get involved to have their say on industrial issues affecting their work.

Last updated: 18 January 2024

What are the MU's Music Sections?

Musicians' work is varied and our members work in many different ways. The MU has ‘Sections’ act as focus groups for musicians working in areas such as music teaching, recording, composing, orchestras, theatre or live performance. These groups represent the views of different parts of the music profession, and are vital to informing our work helping to shape our policy. 

The MU's Sections are:

  • Recording and Broadcasting Section - for members working as session musicians, contracted artists, home recording artists and others.
  • Live Performance Section - for members working in all areas of live performance, such as gigs in pubs, clubs, festivals, busking, hotels, colleges, holiday camps, cruise ships and concert halls.
  • Orchestra Section - Freelance Orchestras Committee - All freelance orchestral players including extras or deputies in any contract or freelance orchestra.
  • Theatre Section – focuses on musicians working in regional and touring theatre (London theatres, including those in the West End, are generally covered by the MU’s London Regional Committee).
  • Music Writers' Section – for composers and songwriters, arrangers and copyists.
  • Education Section - all forms of music teaching.

Each Section has a democratically elected Committee that meets, as required by the Union’s Executive Committee (EC), in order to discuss stakeholder issues and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the EC. When necessary, the Sections may also choose to elect sub-committees to deal with individual types of employment covered by the overall remit of the Section. 

Go to MyMU to join the sections and receive updates on MU’s work in your area of work. 

MU Section Committees

Each music industry Section has a democratically elected Committee that discusses musicians’ issues and make recommendations to the MU Executive Committee (EC). The elected Section Committees consist of MU members with a maximum of 20 seats.  

Getting involved in Committee work

It's crucial that Section Committees are well populated, diverse and, most importantly, that they are made up of members actively working in the relevant sector of the industry.  

Membership is open to any member who earns all or part of their living from the area of work that the Section covers. 

Standing for nomination 

Nominations for all of the Section Committees now take place every two years and are subject to ballot if required.

If you need any advice or assistance in seeking nomination then contact your MU Regional Organiser who will be happy to help. 

You can seek nomination for more than one Section Committee. Committee members will be expected to attend meetings at least twice a year and will be reimbursed for any travel expenses and/or loss of earnings where applicable.

Nominations are open now

Be a changemaker and get your voice heard

Make a change in your local area or within your music sector, or to be part of the governing body of the union. Get involved with the Musicians' Union's work.

Members can get involved and shape the future of music through the MU's democratic structures.

There are many ways to get involved 

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Be a changemaker and get your voice heard