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Regional Committees (RCs) are a crucial part of the day-to-day management of the union at a grassroots level. The London Regional Committee is democratically elected, and members usually meet four times per year, some online, some in person. 

Current London RC members

London Regional Commitee members are Simon Minshall, Max Rowlands, Chrissie Ranson-Thompson, Nixon Rosembert, Mike Horne, Hailey Willington, Allan Cox, Luke Strevens, Hugh Burns, Emiliano Bonanomi, Peggy-Ann Fraser, Sandra-Mae  Lux, Nick Laughlin, Ursula Paludan, Monberg, Kit Packham, Fiona Branson, Catherine Fox.

What do London RC members do?

The role of RC members is collectively to:

  • Oversee the London Region’s activity in all areas of the music industry and on all industrial issues
  • Oversee the management of London Regional budgets and operations
  • Assist in the recruitment and retention of members
  • Assist in the organisation of members
  • Maintain communication between members and the union

Hear Nixon sharing his experiences about being an RC member

Like Nixon in London, RC members get involved in supporting venues under threat, protecting music in theatres, and campaigning for practical things to help you build your career – from fair pay to parking to the fair implementation of low emission zones.

Interested in becoming an RC member?

If you're an MU member and wish to get involved with union's work in London, find out about the eligiblity criteria to stand for Regional Committee:

  • Any member wishing to stand for the London Regional Committee will require another current member to second their nomination. The nominator must be also a member of the London Region
  • Candidates shall have been members of the union and of the Region for at least one year on the nomination day
  • No person who is or who at any time during the preceding five years was employed by the MU shall be eligible for nomination

Regional Committee member nominations are announced every year in August.

If you want to find out more about this or want to get involved in our democratic structures, please get in touch with the London Regional Office.