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The Wales and South West England Regional Committee is a really important part of the Union’s management and an opportunity for members from across the region to meet up, discuss the Union’s work, and give feedback on issues facing members.

Current Wales and South West England RC members

Wales and South West England Regional Commitee members are David Danford, Mike Dell, Samuel Gerard, Stephen Hawker, David Merrick, David Miller, Elizabeth Owens (Vice Chair), Dan Trodden (Chair), Stephen Williams, Rebecca Busuttil, Dewi Jones, Huw Williams, Pat O'Connell, Peter Bayliss, Angus West, Nadine Gingell, Alan Swain, Tumi Williams and Laura Tanner.

What do Wales and South West England RC members do?

Members of the Committee meet regularly to cover a range of topics across all areas of the Union’s activity and the music industry, including education, events, live work, legal cases, recording and broadcasting, collective agreements, safeguarding, orchestras, and politics. In 2023 work at Regional Committee meetings has directly led to three motions being passed at Delegate Conference (on local theatre, live licence fees, and Welsh language provision), and shaped our approach to many other issues.

The Committee usually meets four times per year, with a mixture of online and in person meetings. Our aim is always for meetings to be friendly, productive, and engaging, so please don’t be put off by the formal Committee and election processes – you don’t need any experience of those structures to take part.

The role of RC members is collectively to:

  • Oversee the Wales and South West England Region’s activity in all areas of the music industry and on all industrial issues
  • Oversee the management of Wales and South West England Regional budgets and operations
  • Assist in the recruitment and retention of members
  • Assist in the organisation of members
  • Maintain communication between members and the union

Hear David sharing his experiences about being an RC member

At first, the thought of joining his regional committee made David anxious. But now he looks forward to meetings and events, hearing and learning from other members and making the industry a better place for everyone.

Interested in becoming an RC member?

New committee members are always welcome, so if you value the Union’s work and are interested in getting involved then please check out the latest information about Committee Elections, or get in touch with any questions.

If you're an MU member and wish to get involved with union's work in Wales and South West England, find out about the eligiblity criteria to stand for Regional Committee:

  • Any member wishing to stand for the Wales and South West England Regional Committee will require another current member to second their nomination. The nominator must be also a member of the Wales and South West England Region
  • Candidates shall have been members of the union and of the Region for at least one year on the nomination day
  • No person who is or who at any time during the preceding five years was employed by the MU shall be eligible for nomination

If you want to find out more about this or want to get involved in our democratic structures, please get in touch with the Wales and South West England Regional Office.