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Members in the regions detailed below have been notified that unfortunately, due to a print error we have had to re-run the following ballots:

  • East & South East England Region (EC and RC)
  • Wales & South West England Region (EC)

The new timeline for these re-run ballots has been agreed by the EC as:

  • Ballot opens (packs sent in the post) Tuesday 14 November 2023
  • Ballot Closes Tuesday 5 December 2023 (midday)

Results of the ballots will be notified to members following receipt of the results in December.

To ensure a sound legal process around the new dates, candidates were given a new deadline for submission of statements which could be revised if they wished.

The EC has appointed UK Engage, Image House, 10 Acorn Business Park, Heaton Lane, Stockport, SK4 1AS as the independent scrutineer.

If you are an East & South East England Region member or a Wales & South West England Region member and you do not receive a ballot pack by Tuesday 21 November 2023 (a week after the initial posting date), please contact UK Engage using the contact details below:

  • 0345 209 3770

View the results of the completed 2024-25 ballots.

Update 22 November 2023: It has come to our attention that some ballot papers have been received by ‘Free’ MU members who are not entitled to vote in the above elections. The independent scrutineer has been provided with data to ensure that should any ineligible ballot papers be received they will be disregarded. If you are a ‘Free’ MU member who has received a ballot paper, please recycle it and do not return.

How to stand for nomination next time

EC and RC nominations happen every year in September, so if you have missed out this year you can apply next year (2024). Sometimes there are additional vacancies during this time e.g. if a member stands down from the committee, mid term.   

You can find out what it means to be an EC or RC member and if you are interested in standing in future or in other ways you can get more involved in the Union, then do contact your Regional Office who will be happy to speak to you.  

You can find out more about each Regional Committee, including their role in the Union's work, members who are part of it, and updates on what they have been doing. 

Nominations for our Section Committees will take place in Spring 2024. Find out more information about our Section Committees.

Thanks for your interest in MU democracy.