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National Office

National Office

The National departments give specialist, sector-specific advice and guide our strategy on a national level. Issues relating to specific areas of employment are covered by the Education, Health and Wellbeing, Live Performance, Music Writers, Recording and Broadcasting, and Orchestral departments.  

Contact us

The MU’s National departments serve the interests of members across the different regions that we represent. Our National Office is based in London, however, all our employees are currently combining working both from home and the office – this means that meetings will need to be arranged in advance. If would like to book an appointment with an Official, please contact your Regional Office.

Contact info

0207 840 5570 Office hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00am - 5:30pm
Musicians' Union, 30 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SU

The team

Photo of Naomi Pohl

Naomi Pohl

General Secretary

Photo of Matt Wanstall

Matt Wanstall

Assistant General Secretary

Photo of Phil Kear

Phil Kear

Assistant General Secretary

Photo of Amy Grimes

Amy Grimes

Executive Assistant to the General Secretary

Photo of Angela Gascoine

Angela Gascoine

PA to the Assistant General Secretaries

Photo of John Shortell

John Shortell

Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Photo of Diljeet Bhachu

Diljeet Bhachu

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Photo of Isabelle Gutierrez

Isabelle Gutierrez

Head of Communications & Government Relations

Photo of Maddy Radcliff

Maddy Radcliff

Campaigns and Social Media Manager

Photo of Katerina Baranova

Katerina Baranova

Digital Projects Manager

Photo of Jodie Orton

Jodie Orton

Online Communications and Content Officer

Photo of Aayushi Jain

Aayushi Jain

Online Communications Officer

Photo of Sam Nicklin

Sam Nicklin

Audiovisual Communications Officer

Photo of Dawn Rodger

Dawn Rodger

In House Solicitor

Photo of Chris Walters

Chris Walters

National Organiser for Education and Health & Wellbeing

Photo of David Barnard

David Barnard

Education Official

Photo of Rose Delcour-Min

Rose Delcour-Min

Education, Health & Wellbeing Officer

Photo of Dave Webster

Dave Webster

Head of International

Photo of Kelly Wood

Kelly Wood

National Organiser for Live, Theatre & Music Writers

Photo of Natalie Witts-Kilshaw

Natalie Witts-Kilshaw

Live, Theatre & Music Writers Official

Photo of Jo Laverty

Jo Laverty

National Organiser for Orchestras

Photo of Morris Stemp

Morris Stemp

Orchestras and Health & Safety Official

Photo of Jennifer Tate

Jennifer Tate

Orchestras Officer

Photo of Geoff Ellerby

Geoff Ellerby

National Organiser for Recording & Broadcasting

Photo of Michael Sweeney

Michael Sweeney

Recording & Broadcasting Official

Photo of Jessica Craig

Jessica Craig

Royalties Official

Photo of Sam Jordan

Sam Jordan

Sessions Official

Photo of Vicky Phillips

Vicky Phillips

Data & Research Assistant

Photo of Wasim Yunus

Wasim Yunus

Head of Membership

Photo of Neil Wright

Neil Wright

Membership Services Official

Photo of Stuart Munday

Stuart Munday

Head of Finance

Photo of Sara Darby

Sara Darby

Finance Manager

Photo of Faiza Fakhrudin

Faiza Fakhrudin

Finance Assistant

Photo of Levi Nwamadi

Levi Nwamadi

Office and Facilities Manager

Photo of Lucy Fyson

Lucy Fyson

Operations Officer (Temporary)

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