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Members and music lovers are encouraged to sign our petition, calling on City of Edinburgh Council to let every child learn music, in the wake of the council’s proposition of significant cuts to its instrumental music service.

The Benedetti Foundation will be back in Scotland in March, with their next full Benedetti Sessions weekend taking place in Caird Hall, Dundee.

SWIM is a new charity dedicated to levelling the playing field for women in music. Based in Scotland, membership is comprised of female music creators and industry professionals, based in Scotland.

The Sub Club has a global reputation and has been a stalwart of Glasgow’s electronic music scene for the past 25 years.

We are delighted to announce a new discount with Kenny's Music for MU members in all four of their shops across Scotland.

Sound of Belfast is in its sixth year. This annual event combines workshops, seminars and live showcase events and celebrates local musicians and the local music industry. The MU will have a strong presence in the program and encourages members to attend.

Research looking at health issues within performing arts consistently finds that 70-75% of the workforce reports both mental and physical health problems, which is much higher than the national average.

BAPAM have launched an innovative new series of workshops in Belfast, covering a range of performance issues – from mental health to injury prevention and vocal health.