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Members and music lovers are encouraged to sign our petition, calling on City of Edinburgh Council to let every child learn music, in the wake of the council’s proposition of significant cuts to its instrumental music service.

The MU welcomes the Consultation on what should be considered in the government’s National Plan for Music Education (NPME), and encourages all those who are concerned with what is happening to music education in England to engage.

The Benedetti Foundation will be back in Scotland in March, with their next full Benedetti Sessions weekend taking place in Caird Hall, Dundee.

The MU has produced a Charter for Visiting Music Teachers (VMTs) in joint partnership with the NEU, to set out what VMTs require from schools to do their jobs effectively.

We can offer members a one-day certified First Aid course, where you'll learn practical first aid, be prepared in case of emergencies and learn skills that may help save a life.

The MU welcomes the government’s announcement of another year’s funding for music education hubs.

The MU (along with other entertainment trade unions under the FEU) currently benefits from government funding for training for members. But this is now under threat!

Musicians’ Union (MU) delegates called for inclusive music education for all children at the Trades Union Congress (TUC) Disabled Workers Conference.