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The Musician Spring 2019 edition

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In this guest blog, Millicent Stephenson explores the impact of the Windrush Generation on both her personal musical development, and on the development of music in the UK as a whole.

Irish born singer-songwriter Megan O’Neill tells us about the support she's receieved so far through membership of the MU.

Music producer Ady Hall tells us about how the MU’s paternity grant gave him peace of mind when he needed it.

The International Federation of Musicians (FIM) recently hosted a conference in Copenhagen to discuss the issues that freelance musicians face and how trade unions can better organise and provide relevant services and benefits to freelancers.

Country singer-songwriter Sally Rea Morris tells us how becoming a member of the MU made taking the leap into being a full time, self-employed musician a little less scary.

Upcoming events


Being in a band – what rights do you have?


This free seminar will examine how bands are dealt with under the law.


Resilience and Wellbeing Workshop


This workshop is designed to help members develop the psychological skills and strategies that will allow them to conquer challenges like performance anxiety and negative self-talk, handle tough situations, and face setbacks with inner strength.