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EC and RC Committee Elections

Information if you are thinking about standing for election to either the Executive Committee or a Regional Committee.

Last updated: 04 December 2020

Executive Committee elections

The EC is the national governing body of the Union, making major decisions that affect the working lives of musicians. It deals with many important issues such as industrial negotiations, employment policy and financial management. 

Given the importance of the issues for which they are responsible, EC members are required to adhere to the concept of collective responsibility and confidentiality in the best interests of the Union and its members. In recognition of the demands on their time, they receive reimbursement of expenses incurred as well as compensation for any loss of earnings. 

The responsibilities of EC members include:

  • maintaining the objects and aims of the Union as determined by conference and in compliance with the Union’s Rules;
  • supervising the activities of the Union, its National Departments and its Regions;
  • considering motions submitted by members;
  • appointing the Union’s Officials;
  • attending monthly meetings of the EC, any meetings of EC sub-committees to which they are elected, and the Union’s biennial delegate conference; and 
  • determining matters on which the Rules are silent.


  • Any member wishing to stand for the Executive Committee will require another paid-up member to nominate them,
  • Candidates for the EC  shall have been members of the MU for at least three consecutive years from the most recent date of admission prior to nomination,
  • Candidates must be resident in or undertake the majority of their work as a musician in the Region in which they are nominated.
  • No person who is or who at any time during the preceding five years was employed by the MU shall be eligible for nomination.
  • Any sitting EC member who completes their current term of office at the end of 2020 remains eligible for re-election unless otherwise disqualified.

Regional Committee elections

Regional Committees are a crucial part of the day-to-day management of the Union at a grassroots level. The role of RC members is collectively to:

  • assist in the recruitment and retention of members;
  • assist in the organisation of members;
  • maintain communication between members and the Union;
  • oversee the management of Regional budgets and operations; and
  • oversee the Region’s activity in all areas of the music industry and on all industrial issues


  • Any member wishing to stand for the Regional Committee will require another paid-up member to second their nomination.
  • Candidates for election to the Regional Committee shall have been members of the Union and of the Region for at least one year on the nomination day.
  • No person who is or who at any time during the preceding five years was employed by the MU shall be eligible for nomination.
  • The nominator must be a member of the same Region.


Ballots are carried by an independent scrutineer over a three-week period in October and November. You will be advised of the outcome immediately after
the close of the ballot. If the number of nominations does not exceed the number of vacant seats on the Committee, no ballot needs to be held and all nominees will be declared as elected.


You may wish to carry out some campaigning activities to improve your chances of success. There are no restrictions placed on how you carry out your campaign, but you should bear in mind that, as with your statement, you are solely legally responsible for your actions.