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Planning for health is as important as instrumental or singing practice. Encourage your student to structure their time to ensure that health is embedded into their daily and weekly routines.

A balance of activity is helpful for mental and physical health, including routine and necessary activities, but you should also make time for pleasurable, relaxing, restorative activities. Diaries can be a helpful way of encouraging your student to plan their time.

Day/ time Routine Necessary Pleasurable/ restorative

Music practice

Feed cats

College/ School/ Work

Core strength training

Complete tax return

College assignment deadline

Meet with friends

Go for a walk

See BAPAM’s Health Practice Checklist in the Welcome Pack.

Pre- and post-performance routines are also important, and musicians are advised to warm up their body before picking up their instrument. Warming up will also reduce the chance of injury.

Model this practice in lessons, starting with some warms-ups (see BAPAM’s "Don’t Cramp Your Style” factsheet) and ending with some stretches so that your student forms the habit of warming up before and stretching after they play.

Encourage breaks, especially in long rehearsals followed by a performance. This is not always easy and depends on the circumstances, but getting out of playing position even for a few seconds during a rest in the music can reduce the chances of injury.