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Why I Joined: Lizzy Hardingham

Singer-songwriter and folk musician Lizzy Hardingham discusses why she’s glad she was pointed in the MU’s direction.

Published: 30 June 2021 | 11:44 AM Updated: 17 December 2021 | 4:43 PM
Photograph of musician Lizzy Hardingham, she is laughing and looking past the camera in a brightly coloured jacket,
“It’s been of great comfort to know the MU are lobbying for our rights around international touring and Brexit.”

Why the MU? At the beginning, sure, it was for the great insurance. But since becoming a member I’ve realised just how many other invaluable services they offer.

I had heard no end of positive news about the MU during my music degree at Liverpool but never really considered it a necessity until I needed public liability insurance for a gig, and boy was I glad to be pointed in their direction!

No more so than this year during such an uncertain time. It’s been of great comfort to know the MU are lobbying for our rights around international touring and Brexit, fairness from music streaming platforms and live online performing.

About Lizzy Hardingham

South-East based singer-songwriter and folk musician Lizzy is a powerhouse performer with “beautifully delivered folk songs that sing straight to the heart”.

Lizzy’s dazzling songwriting and storytelling skills have not gone unnoticed as she has picked up numerous awards from prestigious folk clubs across the UK.

Lizzy is currently being mentored by Michael Hughes of The Young’uns under the English Folk Expo artist mentoring programme, and working on “firmly nailing her place as one of the rising stars of the folk scene”.

For more information visit Lizzy's website.

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