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Whether you’re full time, part time or self-employed remember, you can always contact your Regional Office if something goes wrong or you need any advice.

Safeguarding, equality and mental health

1. Do you know your rights and responsibilities regarding health and safety?

There is specific information available regarding health and safety at work for both school premises and self-employed teachers via our dedicated page, including advice on hearing health and Covid related issues.

You can also visit our safeguarding advice page, which applies to all teaching, whether you are self-employed or an employed teacher, teaching online or face-to-face.

2. Are you including equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) as part of your music teaching?

Make use of our EDI advice page for guidance, as well as exercises for teaching diversity and forming an EDI policy.

Also in case you missed it, as part of Black History Months, we have published suggested playlists that can be used to diversify your syllabi and help get you started. 

3. Is your DBS check up to date?

Enhanced DBS checks are processed by TotalCRB for the MU and members can start an online DBS application by contacting with their membership number.

4. Are you teaching online?

Familiarise yourself with our practical advice for musicians providing online music lessons, including guidance on hardware, software, safeguarding, accessibility, copyright and more.

5. Do you know what to do if you need support with your mental health?

Starting a brand new teaching year can be daunting at times - discover a wealth of advice to help musicians to look after their mental health and wellbeing via our new resource page including information on: finding out how to take care of yourself and sustain a healthy lifestyle as a musician; getting guidance and access resources to help you to keep mentally well; accessing healthcare services tailored to musicians' needs; how to attend practical events to improve your wellbeing.

The MU is also due to launch a new member benefit at the end of September called the Musician’s Yoga Essentials course. The free course contains two types of content - core content consisting of yoga and meditation classes - and short lessons of useful information designed to help you bring the practice of yoga out from the lesson into your daily life as a musician.

Although access to the course will be announced by email in the coming weeks, you can read more on this here to see if this practice is something that may benefit you as a music educator.

Person teaching another to play acoustic guitar, close up of instrument on both of their knees.
If you want to have MU approved contracts for your students, you can visit our dedicated page for more information, you’re also able to download copies. Image credit: Shutterstock. 

Finance and maximising your income

6. Are your teaching contracts in place and up to date?

If you want to have MU approved contracts for your students, you can visit our dedicated page for more information and to decide which contract suits you, you’re also able to download copies.

7. Have you checked which discounts and benefits may be available to you ahead of the new term?

If you are a full paying member of the National Education Union (NEU) or University and College Union (UCU) you can get a reduction on your annual MU membership upon renewal, visit our MU discount page for more information.

You can also receive 15% off Cosmic Ears’ custom range in ear monitors, and 10% off their Universal range of in ear monitors (terms and conditions apply), as well as a 15% discount on subscription rates for Music Hero (online software for independent music tutors). Again please visit our MU discount page for more information and how to apply the benefit.

Additionally, have you registered your instruments for MU insurance? The MU £2,000 Musical Instrument and Equipment Insurance Scheme is a benefit of membership, providing eligible members with £2,000 of musical instrument and equipment cover, anywhere in the world. To obtain cover, you must register and receive a Policy and Schedule by visiting Please visit our insurance page for specific eligibility and terms and conditions.

Also remember, Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Professional Indemnity Insurance are available should you need them, but do familiarise yourself with the terms before looking to make a claim.

8. Would you like to order discounted MU Practice Diaries and Workbooks?

Musicians who teach can access the MU Practice Diary and The Complete Practice Workbook through Faber Music’s online shop. Read more about this and how to apply the 20% discount here.

9. Do you know what to do if you’re not paid?

The MU can help in following-up and doing everything that we can to help you in recovering any lost fees. From advice on how to approach the other party and have that initial discussion, all the way through to providing legal assistance to you in bringing a claim in the small claims court. Your Regional Office is your first point of call for legal concerns, but you can read more about our unpaid fee recovery service here.

You can also check your rates and rights via our dedicated teaching employment, including information on: holiday pay; redundancy; finding teaching work; recommended self-employed rates of pay and more.

10. Are you listed in our MU member directory?

If you’re a musician who teaches, the MU Member Directory is a great way to advertise your skills and for potential students to find you. Visit our Directory advice feature for tips on creating your professional profile and promoting your profile’s visibility.


Be better represented

The MU’s Education Section is one the MU's largest industry sections and offers specialist and proactive representation for musicians who teach.

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Get support as a music teacher through MU membership

The MU has a strong community of teaching musicians, with over 12,000 members. We advise music teachers on specific topics, including pay and contractual issues. Through our resources and employment advice, we support and create careers in music teaching.

Get support as a music teacher through MU membership

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