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Regardless of your professional qualifications and experience, things don't always go to plan.

Should a student underperform in their exams, legal action may be taken by the student or student's parents, alleging that your service was not of an adequate standard. Claims like these can lead to legal costs (even just to defend the allegation) as well as awards of compensation.

Professional indemnity insurance covers against these sorts of allegations of personal professional negligence and provides legal costs and compensation if required.

How to claim your cover

MU members automatically benefit from Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £1,000,000 of cover whilst teaching and lecturing music. There is no need to register as the cover is automatic provided that you remain a subscription paying member of the MU resident in the UK.

Arranged by Hencilla Canworth and provided by AVIVA, MU members now benefit from cover against claims caused by negligent acts, negligent errors, or negligent omissions, including the loss of or damage to Documents arising from your teaching and lecturing music.

Claims are subject to £1,000 policy excess and any circumstance or claim that may give rise to an incident covered by this policy must be reported to insurers immediately and no later than the 31 December of the year that you are aware of a circumstance or claim.

N.B. Incidents that occurred prior to 1 January 2019 will not be covered.