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MU Motion on Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion Passed at TUC LGBT+ Conference

MU Delegate Utako Toyama spoke about the importance of mental health in relation to trans and non-binary inclusion at work - a motion supported by the NUJ and passed unanimously.

Published: 03 July 2023 | 5:22 PM Updated: 12 July 2023 | 3:52 PM
Utako Toyama smiling in front of a blue presentation screen saying TUC LGBT+ Conference 2023.
The MU's motion called on the TUC to continue challenging organisations that seek to create hostility for trans and non-binary people. Image credit: The MU ©.

Last week the Union attended TUC’s annual LGBT+ conference. MU member Utako Toyama spoke in support of our motion on trans and non-binary inclusion, which called on the TUC to:

• Continue to challenge organisations that seek to create hostility for trans and non-binary people.

• Raise awareness of and support MHFA England’s Whole Self campaign, which addresses the negative impact on mental health caused by hiding parts of one’s identities or life.

• Work with other unions to create best practice guides, that include freelancers, for workplaces and employers to create safer workplaces for LGBT+ workers.

Creating a society where everyone can live happier

Speaking openly to conference, Utako shared her own personal experiences of dealing with the mental health implications of hiding parts of one's identity or life. She closed her speech by saying: “Today, I have a reason for standing here. Coming from a conservative country like Japan regarding LGBTQ+ matters, I want to work with all of you to create a template or prototype for a better environment in the open society of the UK.

“As diversity becomes increasingly important in various countries, there will surely be nations looking to the UK's social system as a reference. The topics being discussed here today will have an impact not only in the UK but also in many other countries.

“Many countries are watching your fair and courageous decisions. I kindly ask for your support in endorsing this motion, aiming to create a society where everyone can live happier”.

The motion was supported by The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and passed unanimously.

The MU also seconded Equity UK’s motion, which called for support and protection at work for trans and non-binary workers undergoing gender-affirming care, including paid sick leave.

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