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MU Members Invited to Join March at Durham Miners’ Gala 2024

MU members are invited to march at Durham Miners’ Gala on Saturday 13 July - the world's biggest celebration of trade union values, community spirit and working class life.

Published: 21 June 2024 | 11:45 AM Updated: 21 June 2024 | 12:44 PM
People gathering in Durham to march at the Miners' Gala.
Over 200,000 people join the march, with numerous brass bands and musical groups performing throughout the day. Image credit: Durham Miners' Gala.

The MU is delighted to be marching at Durham Miners’ Gala for the first time this year on Saturday 13 July, alongside Equity and other trade unions.

The Durham Miners' Association (DMA) have been running the event since 1871, with over 200,000 people packing the streets of the City of Durham in North-East England each summer.

The world’s biggest celebration of community, solidarity and working class life

All MU members are invited to join Union officials on the march, meet like-minded people and get to know other members of your Union, having a great day out in the process.

Regional Organiser for the North of England Paul Reed says “It’s fantastic that the MU will march alongside Sister Unions including Equity at the Durham Miners’ Gala this year.

“We invite all MU members from the North of England region and further afield to join us in what promises to be one of the most fun and uniquely inspiring days out in the calendar, coming together to celebrate community and trade union values”.

This year’s Gala will mark the 40th anniversary of the year-long Miners’ Strike

The 2024 Durham Miners’ Gala will mark the 40th anniversary of the Miners’ Strike, organisers have said.

The year-long strike began in March 1984 as miners and their families across the country fought to preserve their jobs, their industry and their communities. Within a decade of the end of the strike, every mine on the Durham coalfield had been closed, having a devastating economic and social impact on the region.

All those speaking at the Gala had direct involvement in the Miners’ Strike or are organising in defence of workers today.

To find out more about the event, visit the Durham Miners Association page.

If you’d like to join the MU on the march, please contact to find out more details.

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