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Access Riders for Musicians

How to use a rider to request appropriate access from a venue ahead of a gig, session or engagement. Use our Access Rider template and guidance.

Last updated: 15 November 2023

What is an Access Rider and when use it?

A rider is a set of requests that a performer supplies to a venue ahead of a gig, session or engagement and the requests are usually fulfilled by the venue. They are used by artists all the time so everyone knows what they need to provide the artist so that person can do their job.

An access rider is a document that details your access needs. Access riders are used by disabled artists to ensure that their access needs are met so they can do their job. Conversations about access can be difficult and some people struggle to communicate their needs fully. An access rider is an easy way to clearly communicate your access needs to anyone that you’re working with, and start a conversation about what you need to do your job. Using an access rider can help everyone feel confident in their working relationships with each other.

You can provide an access rider after you’ve been booked to make sure that any conversations about your access needs happen early on, that way everyone knows what to expect and can make sure everything is in place before you begin work. Once you have your own access rider, you can tweak it for whatever situation you’re working in.

The most effective access riders are specific, and use bullet points and headings to cover different aspects and timings of your work. The most important thing when creating your access rider is to make sure it gives a clear picture of your requirements.

What to consider when writing your access rider

  • What access issues have I experienced before and am likely to experience again?
  • How have these issues been solved?
  • What are my access requirements for online events and or meetings?
  • Are any of my access needs negotiable? 
  • Is everyone familiar with the technology I use or require?

Access Rider template

The MU, in collaboration with the Ivors Academy, developed an Access Rider template along with examples and guidance on how to use it.

Use the Access Rider template

Template and guidance

Get support as a disabled musician through MU membership

The MU advocates on behalf of disabled musicians to ensure their rights are upheld and strengthened. Musicians may also benefit from a reduced membership rate for disabled musicians in need for financial support.

Disabled musicians benefit from MU membership

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Get support as a disabled musician through MU membership

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