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Access Rider Template

Updated: 01 February 2024 | 13:35 PM

Download the Access Rider template along with examples and guidance.


Guidance for using the Access Rider template

Introduction – information about you

You should use this section to explain details of your impairment or condition.

Things to think about

  • You do not need to give the medical name for your impairment or condition if you do not want to or think it is unnecessary
  • You may want to include if your impairment or condition fluctuates
  • You can also include links to resources that can give more in depth information


This document describes my accessibility needs and what to do in the case of an emergency. Accessibility is something I would like us to work together on and this access rider should be part of a conversation about my access needs. If you cannot provide something that’s on this list, then I am happy to discuss that with you and explore alternative ways.

I am a wheelchair user but can also use sticks for short distances or a few steps. This means I can access some spaces that are not fully accessible. Please discuss this with me in advance so I can let you I know if using sticks is an option.

I usually work with a personal assistant (PA). I will let you know in advance if a PA will be working with me.

My access needs

This section forms the main part of your access rider. Here you should give details of all your access needs. Your access rider can be as detailed as you need it to be and you don’t need to explain why you need things.

It might be helpful to separate things into sections that relate to different timings of the engagement or different aspects of your work. If you are using an adapted instrument, including links so people can familiarise themselves with the technology can be useful.

Things to think about

  • Access requirements for online events
  • Getting to and from the venue
  • Are there any adaptations to technology that you may need?
  • Lighting
  • Are any of your access needs negotiable?


Before the gig:

  • Any written information should be sent in advance or this will need to be read aloud to me on the day
  • I require my PA to assist me with streaming software two days before the performance. I require a technician from the venue to be available for this meeting
  • I may take longer to reply to emails than other people. If something is urgent, please call me
  • Please supply clear agreements and timeframes
  • Full details of the venue’s accessibility will need to be provided


  • I am working with a Chapman 10 string stick. I will need an amplifier onsite
  • I am working with a small Roli Seaboard, and a portable pair of portable Genelecs. I require a compact desk to work with my equipment on site
  • I am working with a small bespoke synthesizer. I require Phantom power from the mixing desk for my angel microphone

Arriving at the venue:

  • I will need a parking space as close to the venue as possible
  • I will need someone to spend extra time with me on arrival
  • Please ask any questions directly to me rather than through my PA
  • I will require a place to sit two hours before the start
  • I require assistance in set up and pack up


  • I will need additional space at the side of the stage for my assistance dog to be seated
  • If there is no backstage, I will require steps on to the stage and assistance when walking up and down the stage
  • I require a blue light
  • No strobe lighting to be used

Emergency information

Use this section to detail what to do and what not to do in an emergency. You can also provide an emergency contact person.


In an emergency call:

John Martinez -07654123765 or Samantha Tasker – 07896543212 and please follow their directions.

If I have fainted

  • Do not call an ambulance unless requested to do so
  • Put me into the recovery position until I come round
  • Talk to me and explain what is happening 

Further information

Access riders are still new to some people, giving additional information can often be helpful. You can use this section to provide further details of your impairment or condition if you wish, or details of further reading.

Useful links and further reading