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Webinar 01 October 2021 - 03 December 2021

Feldenkrais for Musicians: An Online 10-Week Course

Learn to use the Feldenkrais Method to explore your physical self in relation to your music making – helping you play with more ease and improving your ability as a musician.

Photograph of a small wooden model person against a bright blue background, the figure is leaning forward and holding their back as if in pain.
Date Friday, 1 October 2021 - Friday, 3 December 2021
Time 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location Online
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Photograph of a small wooden model person against a bright blue background, the figure is leaning forward and holding their back as if in pain.

About the event

A 10-week online Feldenkrais course held on Zoom exclusively for MU members, costing £50 for the full course with a halfway £25 tickets available.

You are your instrument. Whether you’re a Stradivarius or a Stentor has a lot to do with how effectively and efficiently you use yourself. Feldenkrais Method can help you play with more ease and improve your ability as a musician.

This course will be a way of exploring your physical self in relation to your music making. Each session will be mainly practical, with a little easily digestible theory and anatomy.

We’ll work through some of the major areas of the skeleton and body, thinking about their connections to the brain and the rest of ourselves.

You’ll need to come with an open mind, and readiness to explore and discover new ideas and ways of working. You should finish the course with more awareness, self knowledge, and resources to improve the way you move, play or sing.

About Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais uses a process of organic learning, through moving and sensing, to free you from your habitual patterns.

These movement patterns or habits, embedded in our nervous system, often become outmoded or dysfunctional, creating unnecessary limitations. They can cause pain, tension, amplify performance anxiety, and stage fright – or just not allow you to play at the top of your game.

The Feldenkrais Method is based on sound principles of neuroplasticity, physics and physiology, optimising brain connections with our skeleton, muscles and soft tissues.

Neuroscientists such as Norman Doidge have shown that the brain is able to re-wire and constantly keep learning throughout life, contrary to old ideas that we stop learning when we are adults. You can change how you are, and how you move at any age, if you understand how to re-wire your nervous system and commit a little time and effort to the process.

Through this unique combination of explorative movement and learning greater physical self-awareness, you will discover and develop your ability to move intelligently. This will improve your posture, strength and flexibility in the way you move and play.


Session One, 1 October: What is Feldenkrais? Mobilising the Pelvis: Control and Motor centre

Session Two, 8 October: Oxygenating your system: The Breath

Session Three, 15 October: Evolution of movement- fear/safety reflexes. Freeing the Spine: Flexion/Extension

Session Four, 22 October: Effective and efficient power. Freeing the Spine: rotation

Session Five, 29 October: The Nervous System. Freeing the Spine: Sidebending

Session Six, 5 November: Resting to learn (Brain processes in sensory-motor functioning). Movements of the Head and Neck

Session Seven, 12 November: Proportional work for proportional size. Freeing the Shoulders

Session Eight, 19 November: Finding ease in the fingers and hands

Session Nine, 26 November: Support from the floor. Working with gravity. Connections from the floor: Legs and Feet

Session Ten, 3 December: Integration: Supporting through structure. General organisation, introducing the telecenters (organs of the head)

How to attend

This course is open to MU members only, tickets cost £50 for the full course, but half-way tickets will be available for £25 from 1:00 pm on Friday 1 October.


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