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Negotiating the right fee for your next gig can be a tricky business, but can also be an essential part of your career as a musician.

It’s the beginning of the academic new year, and a good time to run through a few of the resources for teachers that the MU offers. Use this handy checklist to make sure you’re getting the most out of your membership.

Staying in the European Union is still the best option for musicians. The MU supports Parliament’s attempts to stop a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, and calls for a People’s Vote.

Is your MP from the Labour or Conservative party? Invite them to talk to us this party conference season, as we go to Labour and Conservative party conferences to talk about the big issues affecting musicians.

Scott Bowley tells us about signing a record deal with his band 13XL, and how the MU supported him through the process.

When MU members Martin and alternative folk group 9Bach needed help negotiating a contract, they used the MU’s Contract Advisory Service to make sure they could navigate the negotiation and get a fair deal.

We need the government to strengthen the law to prevent sexual harassment at work before it happens. And we need protections that recognise the fact that freelancers must have an equal level of protection to those in fixed employment.

This blog is created from the speech that MU member Olive gave at the TUC LGBT+ conference last week – moving a motion on the need for a broad and balanced LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum to ensure LGBTQ+ representation in music.

Multi-genre drummer Amanda Dal tells us about how becoming a member of the MU helped her to skirt dodgy gig deals early in her career, and inspired her to get active and make a difference.