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Over 15,000 people have signed the petition to fix streaming and keep music alive. Your support for the campaign, calling on Government to urgently undertake a review of streaming, is already having an impact.

The creation of innovative new music requires drive, commitment and an abundance of talent. We explore how musicians can boost creativity and overcome the challenges of the creative process.

Richard Steggall has written to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, in response to the recent announcements regarding the guidance on playing wind and brass instruments.

In part-two of Sam’s blog on monetising livestreamed performances, he talks with Artistic Director Kenneth Killeen about what the future may look like for venues, performers, and monetized livestreamed performances.

In part-one of musician and lecturer Sam Leak’s blog on monetising live performances he discusses paywalls, ticketing and how to keep your audience engaged.

Musician Sherika Sherard talks to us about her lockdown experience, from her last day of busking, to slowly finding her rhythm from home and the things that she’s learnt along the way.

The MU's Live Performance Department look at the latest Government guidance for restaurants, pubs and bars - and the bitter blow it delivers for live music. 

Catch up with live music and chat from Eliza Shaddad, Jack Curley, Prima and Kinkai as part of the MU Summer of Live.

Our Education and Equalities Officer, Rose Delcour‑Min, discusses how supporting the present and future of LGBTQ rights must involve recognising the ways that sexuality, gender and race intersect.

For Refugee Week, we asked you to share songs you love in another language, about home, about displacement or imagining a different future.