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Wide Days 2021 Releases Career Resources for Musicians

Covering topics including Covid-19 secure approaches to the future, international marketing tips, and getting your music on TV and radio – Wide Days have just released a selection of useful recordings on their youtube channel, following their 2021 Scottish Music Convention.

Published: 18 November 2021 | 2:16 PM Updated: 17 December 2021 | 4:40 PM
Two musicians both on guitar playing in what appears to be a small pub environment
Wide Days brings the full spectrum of music industry professionals together to discuss a range of topics. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Scottish music convention Wide Days ran this year 12-13 August. They’ve now released a selection of recordings on their Youtube channel, here are some that we feel musicians might find particularly useful.

Preparing for Sync & New Opportunities

Preparing for sync with Clare Everson (Twenty Below Music), Mark Gordon (Score Draw Music) and Robyn Kennedy (Bucks Music Group). Moderated by Nicky Carder (The Ivors Academy).

Getting music used in a film, ad or tv show can help generate much-needed income, but requests frequently come at the last-minute. What do you need to have in place to make sure you can say yes – from instrumental versions, to rights clearance and file format – and don’t miss out on income. PThe panel explored current trends in sync from deals to music, and if new opportunities have emerged during the pandemic.

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15 Minutes of Knowledge covering Digital Releases, Social Media and PR

This event ran with Toni Malyn (EmuBands), Rosanna Connolly (Morena Communications) and Ailsa Harper (A Modern Way / Aimless Play). Moderated by Jess Partridge. Three experts, each covering key consideration for preparing your release, do's and don'ts of PR and getting seen on social media.

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Mind Your Language

This event ran with Lindsey Lerner (Freelance Consultant), Amanda Freeman (Freeman PR), Adam Lewis (Planetary Group) and Peter Astedt (Future Echoes, Sweden). Moderated by Olaf Furniss (Wide Events & Music Tourist).

Cultural norms can vary greatly, even between neighbouring countries. This panel looked at where things can go horribly wrong, how to get them right and how to work effectively across a range of international music markets.

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Covid-19 Approaches For The Future

This event ran with Scott Cohen (Warner Music Group), Marlen Hullbrock (Music Ally), Jim Mitcham ( and Daniel Berman (How I Program). Moderated by Arusa Qureshi (Freelance Writer / Editor)

The pandemic has led to a whole range of technologies and new approaches to promoting music and artists. Which are likely to continue when the world reopens?

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