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Watch the MU Summer of Live on IGTV

Catch up with live music and chat from Eliza Shaddad, Jack Curley, Prima and Kinkai as part of the MU Summer of Live.

Published: 26 June 2020 | 12:00 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:31 PM
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The next MU Summer of Live will take place on Saturday 18 July.

The MU Summer of Live aims to bring the festival spirit to listeners at home, in aid of the MU Coronavirus Hardship Fund. Find more about the fund – including how to apply if you’re an MU member in financial hardship due to the pandemic, and how to donate if you can.

Manchester based artist Kinkai launches the MU Summer of Live

Hosted by Shell Zenner, the MU Summer of Live kicked off with Manchester based artist Kinkai.

“My rules for making music is make it undeniable” he said before performing tracks of his latest album A Pennies Worth.

Kinkai also discussed teaming up with Lenzman on a remix of Plantain & Champagne with all the profits going to Black Minds Matter and Justice for Shukri Abdi.

Watch Kinkai’s set on IGTV

Prima on socially distanced working

Socially distanced working is a top priority for Prima: “I'm back in the studio, but obviously it's with social distancing now. I'm recording all the tracks that I've written... We've been managing to keep busy which is great.”

“It's amazing to have these funds, I've applied for everything I can apply for because I want to do what I love! And that's taken away. It makes a huge difference when there are these things in place,” Pima said explaining the importance of hardship funds and other grants supporting musicians through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch Prima’s set on Instagram

Jack Curley shares what he misses most in lockdown

Sharing what he misses most in lockdown, Jack Curley gave voice to what is on many musicians’ minds: "Before lockdown we had plans to go on tour in Europe... Lockdown came and we couldn’t do that which is a disappointment. Everyone will say the best thing is playing live... That’s a big thing everyone is missing.”

He’s coping by with lockdown by walking, talking to friends, playing video games, and trying to be as creative as possible. “It’s hard to find the inspiration to be creative, but you have to look everywhere,” he said.  

Watch Jack’s set on IGTV

Headliner Eliza Shaddad on what inspires her

Eliza Shaddad joined the MU Summer of Live after taking part in a local Black Lives Matter event. “Who wants inaccurate history?” Eliza said - and we completely agree.

"I'm really inspired by Tom Gray's #BrokenRecord initiative and how we can make the industry fairer," Eliza said in support of the movement to fix streaming. She highlighted "the ratios of payment, the way the money gets split up, the absolutely nightmare it is to make sure that everyone who works on the record gets paid fairly" as key challenges.

Eliza also discusses her journey from philosophy to music, her musical influences, and her writing process - as well as what being a part of the MU community means to her.

Watch Eliza’s MU Summer of Live session

Thanks to everyone who took part

“Musicians are really struggling with not being able to play, so it was great to be able to support these artists and to promote the MU Corona Virus hardship fund – providing much needed support for MU members” said MU National Organiser for Live Performance David Webster.

“Huge thank you to Kinkai, Prima, Jack Curley and Eliza Shaddad for a wonderful afternoon of music and for kicking off the MU Summer of Live festival! A great line up brilliantly hosted by Shell Zenner – thanks Shell.”

“Next up we have an exciting Musicians’ Union/British Underground MU Summer of Live on Saturday 18 July. That’s all we can say for now but keep an eye out for details and join us for a journey through folk and help keep music live.”

The next MU Summer of Live will take place on Saturday 18 July. Make sure you’re signed up to our regular no fear, no fuss coronavirus email updates to get the latest MU Summer of Live news.

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