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Vaccination Certification Will Become Mandatory for Various Events in Scotland

The Scottish Parliament has approved the use of Coronavirus vaccination certificates to enter some events and higher risk venues, with the scheme coming into effect on 1 October.

Published: 10 September 2021 | 4:01 PM Updated: 10 September 2021 | 5:30 PM
Photograph of a socially distanced audience watching a live performance from the back. We see them from behind, seated on distanced chairs with a red light.
The measure is aimed at reducing risk while maximising Scotland’s ability to keep open certain settings and events where transmission is a higher risk. Photo credit: Shutterstock

MSPs have voted in favour of the measure, which will come into effect on Friday October 1, aimed at reducing risk while maximising Scotland’s ability to keep open certain settings and events where transmission is a higher risk and encouraging uptake of the vaccine. You can find out more on the Scottish Government’s website.

We do have concerns that, initially, the scheme will not permit a negative test result to be offered as an alternative to evidence of vaccination, but this will be kept under review.

However, the scheme does say that it will seek to provide medical exemptions for those who are unable to be vaccinated – although there are no details for what evidence will be required to show exemption, and so concerns about potential discrimination remain.

Which events and “higher risk” venues will this scheme apply to

The scheme will apply to:

  • Nightclubs and analogous venues
  • Sexual entertainment venues
  • Live events, indoors unseated 500+ in the audience
  • Live events, outdoors unseated 4,000+ in the audience
  • All events, 10,000+ in the audience

Our main concern is that there doesn’t seem to be a clear definition yet of “nightclubs and analogous venues”, and that this could end up applying to music venues as well.

There also is currently no mention of any additional financial support for the increased administrative and security burdens of enforcing this measure. This could pose significant difficulties for some festivals and events at a time when they’re still suffering massively from the effects of lockdown.

We’ll be keeping members updated as more details are released.

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