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Success in Collective Bargaining Negotiations for MU’s Recording and Broadcasting Department

The team have completed a long round of Collective Bargaining negotiations with PACT, BBC, ITV, IPA and Sky.

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By Geoff Ellerby Published: 16 February 2023 | 4:13 PM
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"Thank you to those that consulted with us on negotiations and voted in the ballots.” Image credit: Shutterstock.

The MU’s Recording and Broadcasting Department have successfully completed a long round Collective Bargaining negotiations, with a positive outcome for members as all agreements have secured good increases over the next two to three years. Updates for PACT, BBC, ITV, IPA and Sky can be found below.

PACT (Producers Alliance for Cinema & Television)

A new 3-year deal has been agreed incorporating a new approach to terms for multi-episodic television drama, including several new options designed to work equally well across both terrestrial and streaming platforms.

A separate, Low Budget rate, has also been introduced alongside the repositioning of Combined Use Scales 3 & 4, to create fairer remuneration for musicians, particularly those working across a significant number of session hours.

Basic Recording rate, short items, Miming, Extracts, Costume fittings & Make up will increase 5% year on year.


A two year deal uplifting rates only. 11.5% increase over two years.


A three year deal with increases of 7.5% for 2023, then 2.3% for 2024 and 2.3% for 2025.

IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising)

A three year deal with an increase of 12% over three years.


We have completed a five year blanket licence deal with Sky regarding Dubbing of Commercial audio into Sky productions. Previous agreements were around £8k per annum.

The new agreement starts at £30k for 2023, rising to £50k in 2026, a substantial uplift.

With the help of our members, rates have successfully been increased

Sam Jordan, MU Sessions Official says: “We are pleased to conclude these negotiations in which we have seen some positive results on pay increases for musicians.

“With the help of our members, rates have successfully been increased whilst providing more options and opportunity for recordings to take place in the UK. Thank you to those that consulted with us on these negotiations and voted in the ballots.”

Geoff Ellerby, MU National Organiser for Recording and Broadcasting said: “Negotiations with all parties were in most cases protracted due to the current economic situation. All agreements have been thoroughly reviewed and adjusted to ensure they meet current needs, not only to ensure musicians receive fair pay increases, but taking a more prudent view to ensure work remains in the UK, and that our musicians continue to lead the world by their excellence and flexibility”.

Find out more about the MU’s collective bargaining agreements, as well as other agreements and rates.

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