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Success for MU’s Recording and Broadcasting Team

The team has administered its biggest ever distribution this month and have already paid out over £730k this year so far.

Published: 11 August 2022 | 2:08 PM
Hands touching sound mixing desk buttons.
This month, the R&B department has distributed £424k - this is one of the MU’s biggest ever distributions. Image credit: Shutterstock.

This month, the Recording & Broadcasting (R&B) department has distributed £424k to both members and non-members.

This is one of the MU’s biggest ever distributions, made up of BBC Dubbing (use of commercial music as background audio) and Video Performance Licensing with subsequent payments for use of promo videos. The R&B team also licenses performances of non-featured artists on commercial recordings, and therefore reguarly make monthly distributions regarding this too.

From January 2022, a total of £730k in royalty payments has so far been distributed by the team.

Get what you’re owed

If you’re aware of any commercial audio performance that you took part in as a session player, which is currently being used on tv, film or advertising and you have not received a royalty from the MU, please contact us at


What to know more?

For more information on royalties distributed by the MU, including sources and administration of royalties and what to receive and when, visit our dedicated resource page below.

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