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New Report on Diversity in the Music Industry Released by Women in CTRL

Not for profit organisation Women in CTRL has published a new report, charting the progress that’s been made since their initial “A Seat at the Table” report in 2020, noting that while female representation has increased, women are still underrepresented in the music industry.

Published: 04 August 2021 | 3:06 PM
Photograph of a woman working at a laptop, her back is turned to us but we can see she's focused on a number of data analysing graphs.
The report also includes powerful quotes from over 100 women across the music industry. Photo credit: Shutterstock

In 2020, Women in CTRL used their collective voice to make the industry stop, listen and change. There has been some progress in the last year, which they have highlighted in the report, but change is an ongoing process and we are still far off from equality.

The report’s key findings include:

  • Female representation has increased, but women are still underrepresented
  • Across the 12 organisations 42% of board members are women, an increase from 34% on 2020
  • In 2020 9% of Chairs were women, the equivalent of one female Chair across the 12 organisations. This figure is now 27%, with three female Chairs
  • CEOs remains unchanged at 27%, or three women
  • Representation of Black women has doubled, but from a very low base
  • The share of board seats held by Black women has doubled to 6% (11), from 3% (5) in 2020.
  • There are still no Black women CEOs or Chairs

The report also includes powerful quotes from over 100 women across the music industry, including the MU’s Deputy General Secretary Naomi Pohl.

You can read the full “A Seat at the Table” report on the Women in CTRL website.

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