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MU Responds to Consultation on the Ivory Ban Implementation

The MU alongside other music industry bodies have responded to the consultation on the implementation of the UK Ivory Ban.

Published: 06 May 2021 | 3:01 PM Updated: 07 May 2021 | 5:49 PM
A closeup on a vintage keyboard with ebony, ivory and hardwood.
“We recognise the value of our members instruments and hope we can continue to work with DEFRA to limit the impact of implementation.” Photo credit: Shutterstock

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have launched an consultation, as part of the next step in implementing the UK’s ban on importing, exporting and dealing in items containing elephant ivory. They have asked for those stakeholders engaged in the process to respond.

As before when we lobbied for an exemption for musical instruments, the MU’s National Organiser for Live Performance, Dave Webster, reached out to contacts across the music industry to present a joint response to the Government.

Dave explained the MU’s position on the ban:

“The MU fully supports the principles behind the ban in the trading of ivory. Our work with other industry bodies has ensured that the vast majority of instruments are protected.

“This next phase of the ban is the implementation of the regulations, and again we have collaborated with other industry bodies to argue for the least impact possible on musicians. We recognise the value of our members instruments and hope we can continue to work with DEFRA to limit the impact of implementation.”

We presented a joint response to the Government

We contacted the ABO and MIA, alongside violin bow maker Peter Beare, and on this occasion the ISM, to present a joint response to the Government. This follows on from the previous consultation on the ban itself and the consultation on non-Elephant Ivory species.

Whilst we support the principles of the Ivory Ban, we have been able to protect the vast majority of instruments affected by this. The implementation and registration of instruments containing Ivory for trade is the next step, and we have responded to the questions in the hope that musicians will not be overly impacted by this.

The consultation closed on 4 May. We are currently waiting to see how DEFRA will respond to our position, and will keep members informed.

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