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MU Moves to Support Girls I Rate as Part of UK Music 10-Point Plan

As part of the 10-Point Plan published by UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce last October, the MU will be supporting equality movement organisation Girls I Rate in their work towards a music industry where women can thrive.

Published: 30 July 2021 | 4:39 PM Updated: 30 July 2021 | 6:12 PM
Photograph of a young woman listening to music off her phone on the bus.
UK Music and the Diversity Taskforce are working to ensure the music industry is more diverse and inclusive. Photo credit: Shutterstock

UK Music, the collective voice of the music industry, and its members are spearheading a move to identify and work closely with socially engaged organisations and charities whose work relates to gender and race – and with whom they can invest in on a long-term basis.

The initiative is a key part of the ambitious Ten-Point Plan published last October, as part of UK Music and the Diversity Taskforce’s work to ensure the music industry is more diverse and inclusive.

Every member has now identified organisations with which it plans to work closely as part of their commitment to meeting the targets set out in the Ten-Point Plan.

John Shortell, MU Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, commented on the MU’s move to work with Girls I Rate:

“The MU are proud to be supporting Girls I Rate as part of our commitments under the UK Music 10-Point Plan. We already have a well-established relationship with GIR and have always championed their work. We look forward to working together to create a music industry where women can thrive, have equal access to opportunity and equal representation.”

The Ten-Point Plan was developed by the UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce and has the full support of UK Music’s ten board member bodies: AIM, BPI, FAC, The Ivors Academy, MMF, MPA, MPG, MU, PPL and PRS for Music.

You can find out more on UK Music’s website.

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