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MU Motions on Fixing Streaming, Brexit Touring Issues, and Equalities Passed at TUC Conference 2021

Delegates from across the trade union movement support the MU’s calls for fairer streaming, easier EU touring, and women’s rights at TUC’s 2021 Conference.

Published: 14 September 2021 | 10:03 AM
Trades Union Congress House in black and white
The 153rd annual TUC Congress is taking place from 12 - 14 September.

The MU has had three motions passed at this year’s TUC Conference, which has been dominated by discussion about how to further workers’ rights under the current Conservative Government.

Together we can fix streaming

Seconding a creative industries composite motion on day one of the conference, MU General Secretary Horace Trubridge spoke about the impact of the Fix Streaming campaign and the move to ensure that musicians make a fairer amount of money from streaming services.

He emphasized the importance of the recent Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select committee report and asked for the TUC’s support in lobbying the Government to take these proposals forward.

A proper evaluation of the pandemic’s impact on women

On day two of TUC Conference 2021, MU Deputy General Secretary Naomi Pohl seconded a motion on how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted women.

She highlighted research by the Fawcett Society that shows 35% of working mothers have lost work or hours due to a lack of childcare support during the pandemic. Mothers are also 23% more likely than fathers to have lost their jobs temporarily or permanently during the crisis.

In addition, she referenced TUC research showing that women are experiencing much higher levels of redundancies during the Covid pandemic than in previous recessions - 76% higher than during the financial crisis – and asked the TUC to argue for a proper evaluation of the effect of the pandemic on women.

Working in the EU post-Brexit

The MU’s third motion highlighted the problems facing musicians attempting to tour in the EU post-Brexit.

The Government has repeatedly said that the UK and EU positions on a touring deal were fundamentally incompatible and that waiving visas for musicians and other performers would have been ‘incompatible’ with the manifesto pledge to reclaim Britain’s borders.

We do not accept this and we believe that most of the UK’s population would understand the need for frictionless travel for musicians and other creative workers, who are playing gigs abroad rather than contributing to immigration. 

The TUC has backed the MU’s calls for the UK Government to:

  • Negotiate a visa waiver agreement for performers and crew with the EU 
  • Establish bilateral agreements with ALL EU countries regarding work permits, and 
  • Work to remedy the issues caused by the change in cabotage rules 

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Learn more about the MU’s campaigns to Fix Streaming and keep musicians working in the EU.

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