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MU Meets with Organisers of Doune the Rabbit Hole Following Liquidation

We understand that the festival plans on repaying outstanding debts realistically over the next three years, and encourage members planning to work at the 2023 event to contact the MU for advice on agreements and rates.

Published: 08 March 2023 | 11:07 AM Updated: 08 March 2023 | 12:54 PM
Person sits on the grass amongst a crowd of festival goers in the sunshine.
The festival recently went into liquidation and is now being managed by a different company. Photo credit: Shutterstock

MU Regional Organiser for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Caroline Sewell met with the organisers of Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival, alongside BECTU Organiser Paul McManus, following news that the festival has recently gone into liquidation and is now being managed by a different company, Festival Food Beverage and Property Services.

The festival has racked up significant levels of debt which it owes to artists, crew and suppliers across the industry and our key concerns were around ensuring outstanding debts were settled and guarantees around payment for the 2023 workforce.

We were keen to clarify what the festival’s plans are to pay creditors who were still outstanding unpaid fees from 2022 given that the liquidation process is now under way. We understand from our discussion that they plan on repaying outstanding debts realistically over the next three years. All creditors should have been contacted by the liquidators and we encourage any members affected to engage with this process.

Advice for working at Doune the Rabbit Hole in 2023

As regards the event going ahead in 2023, we have received assurances from Doune the Rabbit Hole that artists as well as staging, sound and light crew are being engaged on the basis of 100% deposits being paid up front. Whilst this is somewhat reassuring, we would still advise anyone considering taking part in this year’s festival to only do so working under a mutually signed agreement which clearly sets out the terms of the engagement.

If you have been approached by Doune The Rabbit Hole and are considering performing at this year’s event, please do contact the MU Scotland & Northern Ireland office for advice on agreements and rates before doing so.

Similarly, if you had been engaged by the festival in 2022 or previous years and haven’t been in touch with us or have any questions about the liquidation process, please contact the Scotland & Northern Ireland office by emailing

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