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MU Joins Forces with the Independent Commission on UK-EU Relations

We hope that joining the independent Commission will give us more influence in creating solutions to the struggles Brexit has created for musicians.

Published: 02 December 2021 | 12:22 PM Updated: 02 December 2021 | 8:03 PM
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We are delighted that the MU has been approached to be part of this. Image credit: Shutterstock

Last week an official Commission was launched into the impacts of the Brexit agreements on the UK economy and society, to identify problems and, working with sector leaders, to propose solutions which are achievable given the UK’s current relationship with the UK.

Chaired by Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect trade union, the Commission is politically independent and made up of leaders from business, industry, trade unions, the media, academia, and civil society. In an official statement it states that:

“By working together we hope to inform debate and to help the government of the day get the best deal for Britain in the coming renegotiation”.

Importantly, they add that the Commission is not an attempt to relitigate Brexit and that the aim is to examine the associated complications and to propose solutions.

An excellent opportunity to look at the parallels with other industries

Speaking in his capacity as a member of the advisory group, MU National Organiser Live Performance Dave Webster commented that:

 “We are delighted that the MU has been approached to be part of this, it gives us an excellent opportunity to look at not only the failings of the TCA as far as the music and creative industries are concerned, but to look at parallels with other industries and to draw on, and collaborate with wider expertise when looking at longer term solutions”.

Joining the Commission allows for greater influence over the direction of such proposed changes, and Mike Clancy agrees that the Brexit outcomes have “put pressure on businesses, workers and the public through rising prices, difficulties in accessing goods and worker shortages”.  

Get involved

Our decision to associate with the movement is just one of many steps taken by the MU to improve conditions for our members in relation to Brexit. Most recently we posted our thanks to Labour MP Harriet Harman and Conservative MP David Warburton for organising a debate in Westminster Hall (18 November) on enabling visa and work permit free travel for musicians in the EU.

To keep up to date with our latest news and actions on musicians working in the EU, see our campaign hub.

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