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MU Experiences a Bumper Year for Fee Recovery

Following a bumper year for fee recovery in 2022, MU Midlands Regional Officer Ben Benson talks us through some of the Midlands biggest wins for members, and his top tips for fee recovery in 2023.

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By Ben Benson Published: 17 April 2023 | 10:38 AM
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Remember to always use a signed contract for live work and raise the non payment of fees ASAP. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Last year’s best result in my opinion was a £10K-plus settlement agreement negotiated on behalf of a member we represented in the workplace. She had returned from maternity leave to experience “the worst fortnight (of her) professional career”.

This was negotiated over the Christmas period, which involved out of hours calls and emails to help finalise. Morrish Solicitors also assisted with the advice, and also final due diligence and sign-off on the settlement agreement itself.

Big moral wins

We also advised and supported a member who was fired from a band. Being the only female member of the band, having recorded on original albums and set to play some big festivals, she was unceremoniously given the boot.

We supported this member with unpaid fees for the cancelled and unpaid work and the £1500-plus recouped represented a big moral win for this musician.

There were also numerous musicians who went unpaid for many months following work for Hard Rock Hell (HRH) / Chic festivals across several events in the UK. We were successful in advising several members in recouping unpaid fees, with one invoice alone totalling £1K.

Fee recovery advice for members in 2023

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