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Invite Your MP to Talk to the MU this Party Conference Season

Is your MP from the Labour or Conservative party? Invite them to talk to us this party conference season, as we go to Labour and Conservative party conferences to talk about the big issues affecting musicians.

Published: 21 August 2019 | 12:00 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:30 PM
Horace Trubridge, Alison McGovern MP, Naomi Pohl and Isabelle Gutierrez at Labour Party Conference 2018
Horace Trubridge, Alison McGovern MP, Naomi Pohl and Isabelle Gutierrez met to discuss issues affecting musicians at Labour Party Conference 2018

We want to talk to MPs about…

  • Let every child learn music: over 40% of those from low-income families say music lessons are beyond their household budgets. We would like to work with government to address this issue.
  • Let touring musicians travel: musicians still don’t know if they can work in the European Union after Brexit and the countdown is on. We need to know if musicians will be able to travel to the EU for work to fulfil bookings they already have, and what any new arrangements will be so they can plan, budget for, and book future work.
  • Let live music live: music venues are still under threat. We need MPs to ensure laws protecting music venues are properly enforced and no-one misses out on access to live performances.

How to invite your MP

It takes 5 minutes to invite your MP. You can find out who they are and send them an email using online tool Write to Them.

Not sure what to write? It can be as simple as: “Please visit the Musicians’ Union stand at party conference to talk them about urgent issues affecting the UK’s music industry, and the musicians whose creativity makes it such a success”

You can also ask your MP to sign up as an MU Supporter to receive all our latest campaigns news and activities.

Are you going to a party conference?

Stop by the MU stand for a chat about access to music education, working in the EU post-Brexit, protecting live music venues where you are, or any other aspect of musicians’ life and work.

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