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Inspire Works Uses ACE Funding to Launch New Series of Drumming Workshops

You may remember Inspire Works from our blog, Leading Live Music Workshops Online, in which their co-founder Mike Simpson talked about his own personal experience of moving his teaching to a virtual space.

Published: 20 May 2020 | 12:00 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:30 PM
Drummer playing professional drum set
Drumming workshops can reduce stress, boost the immune system and improve the mood and creativity. Photo credit: Shutterstock

And the great news is, Inspire Works have now been able to expand their online offering thanks to funding from the Arts Council England COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

They will now be running a daily world-music workshop at 2:00 pm each weekday, for early years to key stage three students. You can find out more about their interactive YouTube workshops here.

They will also be running HealthRHYTHMS Workshops for adults from 2 June onwards. These workshops have been proven to reduce stress, boost the immune system and improve the mood and creativity. Find out more and sign up on Inspire Works’ website.

Want more advice on moving your teaching practice online during the Covid-19 pandemic? See our advice page for guidance.

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