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Green Pension Guide Released in World First Move by Make My Money Matter

In the run up to COP26, Make My Money Matter (MMMM) have released a free online guide for organisations committing to greening their pensions – one which members may find useful to share with employers and colleagues where relevant.

Published: 29 October 2021 | 12:21 PM
A huge crowd of climate protestrors with various banners gathered in a street, a blow up beachball style planet is being thrown by the crowd.
Investing your pension could be the most powerful thing you can do to protect the planet. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Earlier this year, exploring divestment from fossil fuels was included in a motion on tackling the climate crisis, which passed at the MU’s Delegate Conference. We discussed how making your pension green can have 21 times the impact on your carbon contribution than going veggie, giving up flying and switching energy provider.

Investing your pension could be the most powerful thing you can do to protect the planet, and we’re currently looking at the Pension Scheme we offer to our members to see how it can be made more environmentally friendly, so watch this space for further updates.

The Making My Money Matter website is full of guidance and useful facts on green investment, for individuals and organisations as well as the Government and industries.

Their latest offering is the perfect tool for organisations looking to turn their ambition into action, and is available as a free PDF to download from their website.

Taking action against the climate crisis

Members who wish to learn more about our current actions should read the MU’s Environmental Policy, where we discuss in more detail how we will reduce our impact and improve our performance. Within the policy we summarise our aims for paper and plastic usage amongst other things, as well as highlighting our commitment to culture change and support for a Green New Deal.

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