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Gnoss On Why They Joined The MU: “Membership Has Certainly Made Us Feel a Lot More Connected to Our Industry”

Young, Glasgow-based band Gnoss, discusses how membership of the MU has both given them invaluable tools on their journey, and helped them feel that they have someone in their corner.

Published: 15 April 2021 | 4:40 PM Updated: 02 June 2021 | 2:34 PM

“Being part of the MU has granted us access to a tonne of tools that have been invaluable on our journey as a band; musical equipment insurance, draft contracts, contact details for other industry professionals, public liability insurance for own gigs – the list goes on.

“Seeing the MU campaign so actively for us throughout this pandemic and the troubled seas of Brexit has been a real encouragement too. Nice to see someone in your corner! Membership has certainly made us feel a lot more connected to our industry.”

Gnoss band members smiling

About Gnoss

This young Glasgow-based band’s signature sound is a rich tapestry of acoustic layers, encompassing outstanding musicianship, deep traditional roots and contemporary compositional flair. Double Scots Trad Award nominees, they have built an invested following through their forward-thinking take on traditional music, as well as the unique warmth of their live shows.

Their 2019 release Drawn From Deep Water met with widespread praise and brought the band to entranced audiences across Europe and Russia, not to mention the length and breadth of Britain. Their dedication to their craft places them firmly at the fore of what’s happening in Scottish folk.

For more information, visit Gnoss’ website.

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