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First Ever Members' Conference Brings in Voices from Across the Union

MU General Secretary Horace Trubridge today introduced the Union’s first ever Members' Conference – which saw members and officials from across the regions, as well as the Union’s Executive Committee (EC), coming together to discuss essential decisions for the future of the MU.

Published: 24 July 2019 | 12:00 AM Updated: 13 May 2021 | 4:17 PM
conference room filled with members , Dave Webster leading the discussion
Discussion at conference. Photo credit: Joanna Dudderidge

The aim of the conference was to bring in voices from across the Union, to have an input into the development of policy and strategy, and to address current and forthcoming industrial and political issues affecting musicians.

The conference took the form of a range of informative breakout sessions – covering everything from encouraging activism to improving data collection for royalties payments.

During these sessions, members were instrumental in the construction of a series of recommendations. These were then discussed on the conference floor, and will now be considered by the EC.

The following subjects were discussed in the breakout sessions:

  • Inclusive Music Teaching: discussion of the issues and challenges for teachers.
  • Access to Music Education: is music becoming the preserve of those who can afford it?
  • Access All Areas: building a career for life. Exploring the ways in which performing artists can find additional revenue streams and develop portfolio careers.
  • Touring: it’s no good for my health. A look at the mental and physical effects of life on the road and what the MU can do to encourage healthier workplaces and environments.
  • The decline in music education and its impact on orchestras. How can the MU influence positive change?
  • Examining the power of the union in the employed and freelance orchestral sector. How can the MU empower our activists in the face of anti-union or recalcitrant managements and against apathy from colleagues or non-union members?
  • Modernising the collection of performer data from recording sessions: finding a solution that works for Musicians’ Union members, Approved Contractors and the wider industry.
  • How can the MU best improve and expand the services it provides to music writers?
  • Shaping how we talk online: digital communications focus group.
  • Moving from slacktivist to activist: online to offline organising.

A full report, detailing all the recommendations and action points which arose during the member conference will be available on the website once the EC has approved it at its September meeting.

If you have any questions, or would like to express your interest in attending the next conference, please contact your Regional Office.

Want to know more about getting involved in the workings of your Union? Find out more about ways to take part, from joining a relevant section to putting a motion to your Regional Committee.

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