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Drake Music Hosts Conversation on Making Online Music Education Accessible

Drake Music is a national arts charity working in music, disability and technology – they’ve publishing findings from their most recent working group meeting on online accessibility.

Published: 16 July 2020 | 12:00 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:31 PM
Two adults having a discussion in sign-language
Drake Music have been pioneering the use of accessible music technology for over 20 years, enabling more people to make music.

In early May, Drake Music hosted an online conversation for the music education sector, hinged around the question: “how can online Music Education provision be inclusive and accessible for Disabled musicians?”

They have now published a blog covering their key findings and drawing on the experiences so far of the music educators who were involved.

Topics discussed include how they made the webinar itself as inclusive as possible, the main challenges different educators had faced whilst moving to online education, and possible solutions for making online education more inclusive.

Music educators and interested musicians should read the blog on Drake Music’s website, which goes into depth on all the topics listed above.

To get involved in future webinars, and stay up to date with Drake Music’s Think 22 programme – a strategic programme of work bringing inclusive practice to the fore in music education nationally – join their Facebook group.

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