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Characters, A Livestream Project with Flo Perlin

Our Regional Officer, Natalie Witts-Kilshaw, will be featured on “Characters,” a livestreamed discussion project where singer-songwriter Flo Perlin takes on topics from across the music industry in a safe and inclusive space.

Published: 09 March 2021 | 2:46 PM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:32 PM
Photograph of Flo Perlin, she is sat on a comfortable looking sofa with a cup of coffee propped in front of her resting on a table. Her hands are folded in her lap and she has a calm expression.
Natalie will be chatting about how she started in the music industry, her experiences as a woman in the industry and how she came to work for MU. Photo credit: Shutterstock

The first season of “Characters,” running from 5 February to 19 March will look at Women in Music, and the second running from 2 to 23 April will cover Neurodiversity in Music.

London Regional Officer Natalie Witts-Kilshaw will be chatting to Flo Perlin about how she started in the music industry, her experiences as a woman in the industry and how Natalie came to work for MU and the positive impact the union has for women in music.

Natalie’s interview will be aired live through Instagram on Friday, 19 March at 12:00 pm - but all episodes are uploaded and available to view on Flo Perlin’s own instagram channel if you miss them.

Further watching

Previous episodes which you can watch back have featured:

And upcoming episodes which you can watch on Flo’s instagram include:

  • 12 March 7:00 pm, Daniela De Oshun
  • 19 March 12:00 pm, Natalie Witts-Kilshaw
  • 2 April 6:00 pm, Harry Thompson
  • 9 April 6:00 pm, Sally Daunt
  • 23 April 6:00 pm, Robbie Campbell

Flo Perlin described the series:

“Characters with Flo Perlin will introduce you to new voices, artists and activists in music. Having spent many years in the music industry as a singer-songwriter and released a variety of music, I’m always learning and I’m inviting you to come and learn alongside me.”

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