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Carol Jack Releases Tool-Kit For Female Singers Over 40

The online tool-kit features advice from over 16 expert speakers, including the MU’s General Secretary Naomi Pohl, giving female singers over 40 the tools and strategies needed to “take back the mic.”

Published: 14 June 2022 | 3:28 PM
Silhouette of a woman standing on a stage leaning on a microphone
"Get your performing groove back, get in the best singing shape of your life and get more amazing gigs,” Photo credit: Shutterstock

The full tool-kit was released by Carol Jack on her website on Monday 13 June, and can be accessed for free through a simple sign-up process.

Topics covered through Carol Jack’s 16 interviews with experts include:

  • Reinventing yourself – finding the energy and the support
  • Presenting your authentic self to the world confidently
  • Telling your story – your voice deserves to be heard!
  • Dealing with vocal changes as the voice matures
  • Managing emotional issues and limiting beliefs
  • Reaching out to the community – knowing you are not alone

Carol Jacks’ introduces the tool kit:

“Well, I'm here to tell you you're not alone. My name is Carol Jack and I started my first band, directed my first choir session and trained as a vocal coach in my 40s - and I have no intention of slowing down more than 10 years later. Why should you?

“I'm excited to invite you to the 40+ Female Singers' Toolkit. From Monday 13 June I will share my interviews with 16 amazing experts who will give you tools and strategies to navigate this ever-changing world and to - according to one of my guests - TAKE BACK THE MiC!!”

Find out more and sign-up for your copy of the tool-kit.

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