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Adaptive Musical Instruments Guide Launched by Creative United

Creative United has today launched the first edition of its Guide to Buying Adaptive Musical Instruments, distributed in partnership with the MU and Normans Musical Instruments.

Published: 10 June 2020 | 12:00 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:30 PM
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The publication of the guide aims to raise awareness of the extraordinary range of adaptive instruments that are currently available

Compiled over the last 12 months, the guide includes details of more than 80 products, from batons and bows to one-handed clarinets and saxophones, that have been specially designed to make learning and playing musical instruments of all kinds as accessible as possible for disabled players of all ages.

The guide has been created in response to research undertaken by the Take it away Consortium (a partnership between Creative United, Drake Music, Music for Youth, The OHMI Trust, Open Up Music and Youth Music) in 2018, which identified that a significant barrier to participation in music for disabled children was a lack of access to, and knowledge about the existence of adaptive musical instruments and assistive equipment.

You can download the guide from Creative United’s website now.

Please note: This is the first edition of the guide, which has been designed to be a working document and will be updated regularly to address edits and new products. Please email with any feedback or corrections.

There are major gaps in access to adaptive musical instruments

The research findings showed major gaps in the access to, and knowledge of, where to find adaptive musical instruments. 59% of the music retailers said they were not aware of any specialist products or adapted instruments. Only 54% of music educators and less than 25% of parents with disabled children agreed with the statement “I know how and where to source an adapted musical instrument”.

The publication of the guide aims to directly address these issues by raising awareness of the extraordinary range of adaptive instruments that are currently available, with the hope that this will inspire and encourage many more disabled people to be confident of their ability to learn and play music.

The aim of the guide is to provide a central resource that can be referred to as guidance and ideas for all – individuals, parents, teachers, schools and retailers.

Find out more about the guide and download your copy from Creative United’s website.

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