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MU members can register for free with Total Motor's Family Motoring & Aftercare Scheme. If you become involved in a road accident in the UK, including Northern Ireland, you can access practical assistance through the scheme.

Total Motor Assist sits alongside your car insurance and puts you in a much stronger position in the event of a road accident.

The cover includes:

  • Multi-car, multi-person cover for your whole family
  • UK-wide vehicle recovery after any accident
  • Manufacturer-approved managed car repair
  • Like-for-like as-new replacement car delivered to your home
  • Personal healthcare if you're injured
  • Specialist legal support
  • 24/7 UK-based helpline

It removes the need to claim when it's not your fault:

  • No excess to pay on your car insurance
  • Protects your no claims bonus

    Register for this cover

    To make use of this benefit, you need to register at Total Motor Assist, where you will also find full details of the scheme.

    A pack containing the full details of the Family Motoring & Accident Aftercare Scheme will then be forwarded to you.