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How to prove and protect your copyright

It is always useful to have proof of when a particular song or piece of music was created. You can use it to protect your copyright in any potential dispute about the ‘originality’ or ‘authorship’.

You can get proof by:

  • Depositing a copy with a responsible person and obtaining a dated receipt
  • Posting yourself a copy of the recording/manuscript by Special Delivery and storing it, unopened, in a secure place
  • Using the MU’s Copyright Registration Service for members

How to use the MU's service

The MU provides a CD (maximum of two per member per year), onto which you can record whatever you want to protect — musical compositions, songs, recordings, lyrics, artwork, data and more.

You then seal the CD in the cover provided and post it to us, send a second copy to yourself by Special Delivery and keep a third copy for reference. We would advise you to do this as soon as possible after the creation of a new work. For more information contact your Regional Office.

If you believe your copyright has been infringed as a result of your work being reproduced and distributed online, contact your Regional Office as you may be eligible for legal advice or assistance.

Sites such as YouTube allow copyright owners to report infringements to them directly.    See YouTube’s policy online.