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Musicians Personal Safety at Gigs

It is highly likely that any potential booker will ask what measures you as an artist are putting in place to maintain safe working practices in venues.

Last updated: 22 March 2022

The basic health & safety for the area in which you are required to perform is the responsibility of whoever contracts you. They have to co-ordinate things with the owners of the premises (if different).

You can do a simple personal Risk Assessment covering your position, which can be shared with the body that contracts you. Don't forget that it is the venue's responsibility to share their Risk Assessment with you.

Now that restrictions have lifted its still worth considering any measures you may wish to still undertake around gigging.

Below is a list of things you need to consider.

  • Cleaning any equipment before and after the Gig
  • Checking the Venues Covid Policy prior to attending
  • Confirm your stage plot with the venue.
  • Liaise with the venue regarding onsite technical assistance and agree who takes responsibility for plugging into the house electrics etc.
  • Liaise with the venue regarding the on-site ventilation system and ask for their Risk Assessment.
  • Travelling to the gig
  • Checking load in and load out arrangements.
  • Do you need to use any screening?
  • Advertise merchandise sales as part of your set and give clear instruction regarding purchasing either physical or online.
  • Setting up contactless payment systems for merchandise.

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