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Tribute to Suzanne Grant, 1957 - 2024

A passionate and charitable singer, whose last performance was a fundraiser for cancer research. A tribute from Suzanne’s daughter, Vanessa.

Published: 12 March 2024 | 5:28 PM
Suzanne Grant holding a mic onstage.
“She left a great variety of recordings for us to keep her alive and singing”.

Suzanne was born in Australia and moved to the United Kingdom in 2011.She always had a love of music, and when she started working one of the first things she bought was a record player.

When my brother and I were young we remember our mother always singing along with the radio and randomly bursting into song while we were trying to watch TV. Once we had turned into adults she discovered a passion for karaoke, and always found an excuse to pull out the karaoke machine at any gathering, encouraging everyone to join in.

Always a professional show

She started recording herself singing to backing tracks and made CDs to pass around the family, then she started entering competitions online, dressing up and putting on performances, some with her grandsons as backing dancers!

When she moved to England she started singing at the pubs, first karaoke, then as a solo performer. She also went on to form a duo with her friend Jane.

She finally got up her courage and applied for a vocalist position in Undercover Band where she met her partner Colin. She spent a lot of time organising the band and booking gigs and really came into her element, arranging everything from the advertisement to setting up the equipment, it was always a professional show.

Despite her diagnosis she kept singing

In the past 18 months Suzanne received an ovarian cancer diagnosis, but she fought hard to beat the cancer and she kept singing when she was well enough. One of the last performances was a charity gig for cancer research. She organised, sang, sold tickets and raised over £1800.

She left a great variety of recordings, facebook challenges, singsnap and her vocalist page for us to keep her alive and singing.

The family would like to thank St Peters Hospice for her amazing care, as well as all those who passed on their warm wishes.

This tribute has been provided by Suzanne’s daughter Vanessa.

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