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There’s Still Time to Take the Musicians’ Census 2023

Artists Samantha Togni and Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, explain why the Musicians’ Census is important for all musicians – including DJs and electronic artists.

Published: 07 March 2023 | 11:31 AM
Musician playing midi keyboard synthesizer in a recording studio,
The Musicians’ Census is important for all musicians – including DJs and electronic artists. Image credit: Shutterstock.

With the music industry going through dramatic changes, it’s important that the MU, Help Musicians and other industry bodies have the data and insight they need to best support you and your career.

Artists Samantha Togni and Robin Rimbaud explain why it is vital that your voice is heard.


Working towards a safer and fairer working environment

Samantha Togni is a DJ, producer and mixing engineer. She is also the founder of Boudica, a London based platform showcasing women, trans and non-binary artists in electronic music, and creating a safer space for the queer community and allies.

“This is a great initiative by The Musicians' Union and Help Musicians that will help us gather a better understanding of the current climate in the music industry.

“After the pandemic, our industry is going through dramatic changes, it is vital that musicians from all nations fill in the Census and help collect the relevant data that will support the work towards a safer and fairer work environment.”

Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, in a studio surrounded by equipment.
"Please help them to help us.” Image credit: Robin Rimbaud (c).

Helping the union help you

For Robin Rimbaud – Scanner – it’s important for the union to have data and insights to help you in times of crisis:

“Having been hit by the pandemic, Brexit and rising fuel costs, it’s essential that those who can help musicians have a comprehensive understanding of our position and needs. A Census for musicians means that we can all be better taken care of by the organisations that have the powers to support us all. Please help them to help us.”

Speaking to union magazine The Musician in 2021, he talked about the union “act[ing as] a force in terms of support”, highlighting services like legal support and insurance and considering the role of an artist as a catalyst to make things happen.

This sentiment was echoed in his lockdown call to action for MU members: “Use the ultimate power of our shared superhero weapon – music- to maintain good in our world!”

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