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Sherika Sherard: "Joining the MU Made Me Feel Protected"

Singer-songwriter Sherika Sherard shares why she joined the Union, and how it feels to be an MU member.

By Sherika Sherard Published: 26 October 2016 | 12:00 AM Updated: 16 September 2022 | 5:37 PM
Sherika Sherard at home with music equipment

"I spent so many years perfecting my craft but not enough time learning how to protect it. The more work I got offered the more exposed I felt as a self-employed musician.

“Joining the Musicians’ Union has not only made me feel protected but has also enhanced my confidence as a working professional. Accepting and expecting the right deals and collecting a healthy catalogue of contacts.

“Pursuing a career in music can sometimes feel like a lonely uphill battle but by joining a union you receive the professional support you need to allow your creativity to lead to longevity.”

About Sherika

London singer-songwriter Sherika Sherard exploded on social media as a video of her performing her self-written London anthem "Give Me A Job" went viral, notching up over 25,000 shares on Facebook in just 24 hours. Sherika also performed with legendary British soul and R&B singer Seal, when he payed her a visit on the Waterloo Southbank where she regularly busks. Their performance together was streamed live on Facebook. With appearances like these, still gracing her favourite spot on the SouthBank, Sherika has gathered an impressive number of loyal fans. 

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