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Petition Launched to Protect Iconic Manchester Music Venue The Night and Day Café

The petition is calling for Manchester City Council to remove the Noise Abatement Notice on the Night and Day Café and address the real issue in ill-considered planning and construction next to a pre-existing live music business.

Published: 26 November 2021 | 1:04 PM
A hand holds up a megaphone against a lilac pink background
Recent years have seen the development of residential properties in very close proximity which has led to the complaints. Photo credit: Shutterstock

The Night and Day Café, an iconic Manchester grassroots music venue, is under threat of closure, following a complaint from a local resident who moved into the area during lockdown.

Manchester City Council served a Noise Abatement Notice, which could result in conditions being applied to the venue’s licence which may impact its ability to operate as a live music venue going forward. It’s not the first time that the venue has been served with a Noise Abatement Notice, a similar complaint in 2014 led to the venue having to adhere to additional licensing conditions.

Whilst the venue has been successfully promoting live music for 30 years, recent years have seen the development of residential properties in very close proximity which has led to the complaints.

A petition has been set up to support the venue, which you can sign on’s website.

Live and Music Writers Official, Kelly Wood, said:

“It’s hard to believe that the Night and Day Café is in this position once again, and it’s incredibly disappointing that Manchester City Council has served a Noise Abatement Notice. Manchester is globally renowned for its culture; the Night and Day is a huge part of this, and it shouldn’t be punished as a result of increased residential dwellings on its doorstep.”

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